Thursday, May 3, 2018

A brief update:

This week at Nottawa has been Earth week and so we have studied the Lorax by Dr. Seuss. We have discussed the messages in the story and have talked about how the Once-ler's actions (Cause) had an Effect on the environment. We then wrote persuasive letters about what we would like the Once-ler to do differently to help protect the environment.

In Math this week we have continued to study subtraction with a focus on regrouping. One of the activities we did had us solve subtraction questions and then scan the QR code to check our answer.

Please continue to practice this with your child using Mathletics or any questions you make up at home. We use the rhyme shown below to help us decide when we need to regroup.

A final huge thank you to all parents for sending in the last minute form for Music Mania. I thank you for your continued support!
Don't forget to send in your Annie permission form as well as continue to fundraise for Jump Rope for Heart which is on May 11th. In addition, Fun Fair basket items will be accepted any time, our theme is the Great Outdoors.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

An unexpected shorter week...

An unexpected snow day this late in April has given us a shorter week this week!
Because Monday's are typically Sub days and it was a snow day, the missed day will be now Monday, June 18th.

Students have a new list of spelling words in their agendas. Many of these words are words we have studied already this year but these are words that are frequently spelled wrong in our writing and we are often writing 'went' with an 'h'. So, I believe we will all benefit from the extra practice.

This week in reading and writing we have been focusing on Point of View. We have written short stories from some other point of view, for example from the cat or the bird's point of view. Many of our stories were quite funny!!

We have completed our unit on Geometry in Math and are now working on Addition and Subtraction of 2 digit numbers. We have been working on adding 2-digit numbers with and without carrying. Please continue to practice at home.

Wednesday this week we are excited to participate in a DNA comic workshop. Also, we will be kicking off our Jump Rope for Heart campaign again so please look for information about that to come home.

Please note that there is a link to purchase Annie tickets on the school website, and tickets are selling out fast! As a school we will be going to see our school's performance and a permission form will be coming in the next few weeks for that.
Art Expo is April 25th, please come and see some of the beautiful works of art our school has produced!

Lastly, our class is in charge of April's assembly on Optimism. The assembly will be April 26th at 1:40 if you would like to come see it. It is neon and bright colour day that day.

Below are some pictures of our amazing animal reports. Students did an excellent job on these!! Well done boys and girls!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Welcome back after Easter holiday!

Welcome back students after a nice 4 day Easter weekend!

Please remember that tomorrow, Tuesday April 3rd is our first swim day at the YCMA. Remember to pack your swim suit and towel in a plastic bag.

In Language:
Students have a new list of words for the week, with a focus on -ck endings.
This is our final week of Animal Report presentations. The students have done an excellent job on these projects. Pictures to come!
In addition, this week we study Proper Nouns and using them properly in our writing.

In Math, we wrap up Geometry this week, with a quiz on Friday. This week we study symmetry and then finish with some review. Please use Mathletics to review this week at home.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Week of March 26th

This week in Language we are doing various Easter theme reading and writing activities. Today however we read the story Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed and students were challenged to do five nice things for others this week to start the chain of good deeds.

In Math we are continuing our study of 3D figures and are making nets this week. You are encouraged to find everyday boxes and pantry items and have your child tell you the number of edges, vertices and faces as well as name the object. In addition, take the box apart and then look at the net.

For an Easter activity, we will be dying eggs so please send in 3 hard boiled eggs by Wednesday and students are encouraged to wear old clothes.

Thursday is rock your socks day so students are encouraged to wear their wildest socks!
Our spelling test will be Thursday.

Please ensure you have returned the swim form and payment. In addition, return any poultry orders once you have completed them.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week of March 19th

Welcome back students after March break! I hope everyone had a great week off of school and are ready to get back into routines again.

This week in Language we begin the week writing recounts of our week off school and then we will be finishing up our animal reports. This week students will be finishing their good copies of their writing and will be putting together their poster board. In our study of grammar this week, we continue to practice using commas. In reading, we continue to discuss Predicting as a reading strategy for our read aloud: Humphrey.

In Math we are beginning our study of 3D figures and students will be identifying 3D shapes, the number of faces, edges and vertices of each. Please work with your child to identify the names of the 3D figures of everyday boxes and items you find in your pantry or fridge this week.

In Science, we will be discussing reptiles and the characteristics of reptiles.

Please note that you will be receiving a field trip form for swim lessons that are coming up in April. Please return the form as soon as possible. At this time, no volunteers will be needed for this field trip.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday, February 26th

Today we welcomed a new friend to our class! A class pet who's name will be announced tomorrow! Students will have an opportunity to feed our fishy friend throughout the month.

In Language, we are studying the Reading strategy of Predicting. We are reading the chapter book Friendship According to Humphrey by Betty Birney and students will be practicing their predicting skills using hints from the text. 

In addition, we are studying the use of commas in lists this week. Continuing with our animal research reports, students are learning to use the internet as a tool for research as well as books and will soon be having their research edited and prepped for their good copies.

In Science we will be studying the Growth and Change in Animals and we begin with mammals this week. We will be introduced to the term Animal Adaptations which they will be finding what animal adaptations their chosen animal has and include that in their report.

This week in Math, we are studying time, temperature and calendar. We are recording daily temperatures and weather. We will continue our study of time this week and so students are encouraged to continue using Mathletics to practice these tricky concepts at home.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy family day!

I hope all families enjoyed their long weekend together.
Here is a look at our week ahead:

In Language, we continue to study non-fiction texts using text features such as the Table of Contents, Captions, Glossary, etc to help us read the information. In addition, students are learning how to gather information they read in a graphic organizer for their animal research report. Students are researching using texts as well as using the web. They are using the web search engine Kiddle to help find websites that are kid friendly and at their reading level.

In Math, we continue to study time. Please practice with your child telling time to the half and quarter hour. We will be having a quiz on time this Friday.  If you click on the Math tab on this blog, you will find other games to help practice time. These can be used in addition to Mathletics.

In Science, we are beginning our study of Growth and Change in Animals this week. This ties in with our animal reports in Language.

Please note that there is an assembly this Friday. The time and spirit wear will be written in agendas once known.